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I'm working with new build

Now, when we enable the option "Always open pdf files externally" in sites permissions, there is this new message "Pdf reader is disabled". If we click on "Download file" file is downloaded and appears on bottom of the screen with a link "open file". So far so good.

The problem is if we click on "open file", the "Pdf reader is disabled" message appears again and user has to browse manually in his folders to open the file (see picture bellow).

I think this can be a little confusing for users. Is that possible that when we click on "open file" the file is opened automatically with default pdf reader in Windows ? Or may be this is by design ?

Also is that possible to let user choice to disable this message and let him download immediately the pdf (maybe add a "don't show again checkbox) ?




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Thanks @yohan57 - It appears something is not right here, I am also seeing this behavior. I've submitted a bug with PDF settings and passed the feature(s) request mentioned.


This is still a problem in Microsoft Edge Dev Build 80.0.361.5. The first thing where it goes wrong is that this message gets displayed when the "Always open PDF files externally" setting is set through GPO, meaning that users cannot change this setting, thus showing this message is redundant.

Secondly, after clicking the "Download file" button and selecting Open File from the download bar, still throws it into a loop, displaying the same "PDF reader is disabled" message again. The only way to properly open the PDF is to click the 3-dot menu and select "Open with system viewer" which is clear language for Administrators, but certainly not for the average user, or select "Always open in Adobe Reader", which will prevent the "PDF reader is disabled" message to show in the future.


In short:

- The "PDF reader is disabled" message should not show when this setting is set through GPO.

- Any open file link in the download bar should open it with Adobe Reader, not with Edge Browser.



@GreatToHearFromYou This is our biggest challenge with rolling out New Edge as well.  The PDF browser viewer causes nothing but problems, so we were glad we could disable via GPO, but as the previous posts have pointed out, the function is confusing users and causes too many unnecessary clicks.

@NedVargar @GreatToHearFromYou  @DarrenMH @yohan57 


Has anyone gotten any further with this? Is there an open bug report I can upvote? This message is confusing to our users. If not I may submit a ticket to Microsoft directly.





Hi, yes it will be fixed in Edge 84 and it will be also possible to configure this by GPO.

You can already try by using the Beta channel.


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Thanks so much. We are currently running Edge version 81. Do we have a timeline for this?



I am having the EXACT same problem. I have Adobe Reader setup as the Default PDF Viewer. If I double click on the PDF in the downloads folder it opens with Adobe Reader. However, when we try to hope here it tries to open in Edge even though we have ENFORCED the GPO to "Open in external PDF Viewer"

Unfortunately Edge PDF has NO ability to fill in forms properly so we still require Adobe Reader.

I did confirm the DEV 84 build seems to work now. When will it be in Production?

IE works just fine.

Oh and while you are at it, can you see if there is a way Edge can download files to the TEMPORARY Internet Files like IE did when you click "OPEN" instead of "SAVE". My Kiosk Users have no access to download or save files due to security reasons but the temporary internet files cache is still allowed to be used by the program itself.

IE works fine with "open" but Chrome and Edge seem a little inept.


I don’t have release date for Edge 84 but normally it should be around end of June early July.


Well, I can confirm that in version 97 this is still an issue.
Does anyone have a workaround for this?