New floating button for the Web Widget in Edge







  • you can drag and drop it
  • you can put it anywhere on the screen but it's sticky, so it automatically sticks to sides.
  • if you drag and drop it on the center of your screen, it automatically sticks to one of the 3 sides, (Top, Right, Left), also got smooth animation when it sticks.
  • it stays always on top of other windows (except for full screen games which I just tested)
  • can be turned on and off using the option shown in the screenshot below




How do you launch Web Widget?


  1. it launches automatically on Windows startup (unless you disable it from Edge settings or Windows settings)
  2. you can launch it by right-clicking on Edge canary shortcut on Start menu and selecting "Launch Web Widget"
  3. you can launch it from Edge settings page:  edge://settings/newTabPage
  4. you can launch it by pressing Edge's (...) menu button => More tools => Launch Web Widget






Microsoft Edge Version 90.0.816.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

This might be a Controlled feature rollout

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a Pin button added to the Vertical layout of the Web Widget in Edge 




the way it works is that when you Pin the Web Widget, which is only available in the vertical layout, it sticks to the right side of the screen and will stay there.

even when you maximize a window, it will still continue to be visible.

I can see it [only] in the start menu of Version 90.0.818.6 (Official build) dev (64-bit), although its not working.