MS Edge keep freezing if I leave the PC for a while!!

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My Chromium based Edge recently keep freezing after the screen goes off!

The current tab never responds to any click, so I must choose another tab or press the upper 3 dots of the Edge browser to exit freezing.

Appreciate your help.

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maybe try turning off sleeping tabs from settings: edge://settings/system
it shouldn't cause that but just to see if it's related
I turned it off, but the problem still the same!
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Hey there, just to confirm are you running any extensions that may be interacting with your tabs? For instance, if you just switched from The Great Suspender to a similar extension?

The same extensions are running on my PC before that problem has happened. They are - email extension: Checker Plus for Gmail. - TransOver: for translation - Language tools: for translation - Ad blocking - EPUBReader - iCloud extension
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It might be worth disabling your extensions temporarily to see if the freeze still occurs, it's possible one of them is interacting oddly with v88. In either case, sounds like you can still click the "..." menu after the freeze so if you could recreate the freeze and then submit feedback via Edge's "…" menu in the top right > Help and feedback > Send feedback and check the box to include diagnostic data, that will help us investigate what may be going on in the background. 




It was iCloud extension problem.... It's ok after disable it Thank you dear