menu fonts in inprivate mode are black

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For some reason, since this morning, when I open inprivate mode, it's dark, ok, menus are dark, ok, but also fonts on these menus are dark and I hardly can read anything. I try to choose some of my favorites, it's all dark! Only when I hover with mouse over the particular favorite, I can read it. Can this be switched off? I want normal, white color of the fonts, and also some possibilities to personalize inprivate mode would be good - why it has to be dark mode for example?

many thanx


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@TZoran It has been like this since some updates ago. Hopefully the developers will fix it soon. 

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Hey folks! Just wanted to let you know that Josh and I have flagged this to the team. This seems to only be happening for folks using the overall Light theme right now so you can change to another theme as a temporary workaround, but thanks again for your reports of this and I'll circle back if the team needs any additional info from this thread! 


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Yes, this is true, I use system default theme (which is light) and the same thing happens if I select Light theme in Edge. It's ok if I use any other theme, which I don't like that much (I just want to have white font on dark background). Is it too much to ask to allow some kind of customization of inprivate mode?

Many thanx


As of todays update, my menus in inprivate mode are again readable, as before, black on white background. Many thanx to all heroes making Edge!