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for the last few years i have particularly enjoyed using the legacy version of microsoft edge to view pdf files, but i personally find the new pdf to pretty inferior to it's older counterpart. perhaps one idea would be to try and somehow intergrate this particular feature within  the new version, however if this is not possible could it perhaps be possible to keep legacy as a pdf reader (with the browsing capabilities removed). i hope this is an idea for the future as i particularly miss the rendering and responsiveness of the old  version. 

oliver lee 

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Is there any specific feature where you are looking to see into Microsoft Edge PDF reader from legacy version?

Right now, you have option to draw and high light text and feature to add note and table of content are in roadmap. 

You may open Microsoft Edge and use Feedback option in ...->Help and feedback->Send feedback and share your idea. It would be better like share what specific features are you looking for.

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The smoothness of the scrolling is what I really miss. I view my PDFs on my Windows 10 tablet with touchscreen and the way scrolling felt on both PDFs and browsing in general was just amazing.

@Reza_Ameri-Archived  sorry i don't really feel like i made myself  clear, one of the main features i am personally looking is an improvement to the scrolling and rendering as it is not only very slow  but it also seems to load everything at once rather individually (as was the case with legacy) it is probably for this reason only that i am not currently using the new version. i can't believe no one has don't anything about this as many people have already stopped using it like i have for this particular reason. 


Microsoft Edge team working on improving experience in Microsoft Edge.

I recommend you share your idea through Feedback option in Microsoft Edge.

It would be better if you send it from Microsoft Edge on devices where you have this issue , so log files will be collected and Microsoft Edge could investigate it better.

@oliverbellringeroutlo Thanks for reaching out! As @Reza_Ameri-Archived mentioned, our PDF team is actively working on improving the features and functionalities within the PDF reader.


Here is a recent post from them about scrolling improvements and adding the table of contents, and here is their roadmap. Hopefully that helps address your feedback, but if not, feel free to submit your request directly to the team through the browser. (Shift+Alt+I on a PC, or by navigating to the  "..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback.)


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