Improvements in PDF Reader – Table of Contents and Smooth Scrolling


We’ve been actively working to improve the PDF reading experience on Microsoft Edge. We are now adding features that would address the top asks from our users and help you easily read and navigate long PDF documents.  


Table of Contents 

You can now use Table of Contents to easily navigate through PDF documents. Click on the Table of Contents icon  posinha_0-1601496506311.png (four lines and dots in the toolbar) to open the navigation pane, which contains a list of sections within the PDF. You can click on any of the labels in the pane to navigate to that section of the documentThe pane stays open for as long as you need it and closes when you want to go back to reading the document. The feature is now available on any of our channels running Microsoft Edge version 086 or above – currently available on Beta, Dev, and Canary channels. 



Improvements in Scrolling

We also heard your ask for smooth and stutter-free scrolling in long or heavy PDF documentsAfter listening to this feedback, our engineers have reworked some components behind the scenes, taking a big step towards making the scrolling experience smoother on the Microsoft Edge PDF reader. Try it for yourself on any of our channels running Microsoft Edge version 086 or above – currently available on Beta, Dev, and Canary channels. 


We love hearing your feedback, so please let us know what you think about these two features! From within Microsoft Edge, you can go to “…” menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback, or simply use the shortcut (Shift+Alt+I) to open the feedback tool. We’re constantly adding more PDF features, so you can go here to check out our PDF product roadmap. 

Thanks for helping us create a great PDF experience! 


- The Microsoft Edge Product Team 

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In älteren Edge-Versionen war die Möglichkeit vorhanden, die 1. Seite eines Dokumentes einzeln darzustellen und die anderen Seiten dann im 2-Seiten-Modus. Damit konnten Dokumente mit seitenübergreifenden Darstellungen gut gelesen werden. Leider ist das seit Längerem nicht mehr möglich und ich wünsche mir, dass diese Variante wieder eingeführt wird.



Thank you for sharing, Text note is also really important feature , please consider consider it to be released earlier in roadmap. Many users missed this feature from Legacy Microsoft Edge.

@bewide Danke für die Rückmeldung! Es befindet sich in unserer Roadmap für den Microsoft Edge PDF Reader und ist für den Sommer nächsten Jahres geplant.

@posinha The roadmap does not mention the two-page view and the option to disable continuous scrolling. I am assuming these are not going to be added to Edge?

@Alexei_Drekker Thanks for the feedback! It is in our product roadmap and one of the top feedback items that we are currently working on. We are in the process of updating the published PDF roadmap to reflect our current progress and backlog.

@Reza_Ameri-Archived Thank you for the feedback! Text notes is also one of the top asks that we have been working on to deliver and are planning to have it in the Microsoft Edge PDF reader by summer of next year. We are currently in the process of updating the PDF roadmap to reflect the same.


Thank you for update, hope to see all these features soon.

@posinha  For the smooth scrolling part, the scrolling is much smoother, but rendering is not. It first scrolls to the page with blank content, then renders the content of PDF. This happens on Surface Book 2 15 with dGPU.

Yeah. I get the same issue as well.
It also annoys me so, so lot.

@MichaelTong Thanks for the feedback! This is an issue that we have been working on to further improve the PDF scrolling experience in Microsoft Edge.

Anything from the legacy edge has priority over new features


I don't think anybody's noticed this, but there was this super convenient feature where you would only need to click and drag to select a word or sentence and a tab of options would appear, like highlighting it, it's definition, to copy it or to make a note.

The shades of the highlights were very pretty on the Legacy version.

The reason why I went as far as deleting the Chromium Edge just to get back to Legacy is because I have studied my books through the Legacy's viewer. And as far as giving feedback goes, I gave it, twice. And, I just recently force removed Chromium AGAIN because there was no difference than 5 months ago when I first tried it. 

At the end, I would like to say that you are doing an amazing job, but I - along with many students who study through the Legacy's PDF viewer - need the Legacy-like PDF viewer. Also, something unrelated to it, which I mentioned in my feedback, was the option to set tabs aside. That was such a helpful feature. But, the PDF viewer NEEDS the Legacy's viewer. I hope it reaches that level. And I would be extremely grateful if you do. 

So, two main thing:
- The convenience of having the tab open without having to right-click to highlight
- Note taking


Oh, also two-page viewing. 


Thank you very much ^-^