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you can create multiple Workspaces in Edge, have tabs in each of them, and when you close all Edge windows and open Edge again, you still have your workspaces, it's like a combination of tabs set aside + tab groups + pinned tabs


experimental feature in canary, probably CFR. works really well so far

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@HotCakeX Is this feature available in the most recent Canary build for MacOS?  I'm not seeing that little button next to the "Turn on vertical tabs" button.  Thanks!

@HotCakeX Thank you for sharing that link.  I was not aware that is how MS deploys features to the Canary channel.

You're welcome, it also applies to Dev, Beta and in some cases stable channel.

@HotCakeX I did try to manually turn on this feature per the article you shared.  I could not find anything related to Workspaces edge://flags.


This feature caught my eye because I think it will mesh well with my working style.  


Do you know if there is a way to determine if it is even available yet in Canary for MacOS?

Oh it's not in flags, they are remotely activated from Microsoft servers and insiders are chosen randomly, sometimes based on IP location, to get those features.
I think it will be available on Mac, i don't see why not, it's not using any specific Windows component to be limited to Windows OS.

@HotCakeX Hmm, I think you are correct, but in the post you shared, in the section "What if I really can't wait?", it states that you can override the default and turn something on if you would like:


What if I really can’t wait?
If a feature has not yet been enabled by default for you, and you’d like to try it out, you can enable it on edge://flags and the new feature will be applied the next time you launch your browser.


You are right but there are 2 types of experiments, one of them is through flags which user can enable/disable on-demand, the other one is done remotely by Microsoft, they choose a random group of insiders and enable some features for them.
it's also done in Windows insider and Office insider programs ^^
This must be the alternative to set aside tabs that was announced in the top feedback summary. Finally!
Great feature, I activated it according to

But later, I updated my windows 10 to 21H1 beta 19043.906, the workspace button disappeared :(

@Jeffz9527 Thanks for sharing that article.  Is it possible the reason the feature disappeared after your Windows upgrade is because your modified Canary shortcut (with the command line argument) was overwritten during the upgrade?   


I'm on a Mac so I tried launching Canary from the terminal using this command:


open -a "Microsoft Edge Canary" --args -–enable-features=msWorkspaces

Canary launched, but the Workspaces features was not enabled.


@HotCakeX Do you know who from Microsoft moderates this forum and could give us a more definitive understanding of the status of this interesting new feature?  Example:  Is it only currently available in the Windows build of Canary?  Thanks!

I'd let it come to your installation naturally, using those brute force methods can cause unknown problems, so it's all at your own risk.
Moderators are OK with this when I asked them,
as far as I know features like this in Edge shouldn't be related to Windows insider builds.
some of the features activated like this might only work on certain platforms/OSes.
when you modify an Edge shortcut, make sure launch Edge always from that shortcut and also try turning off startup boost because it keeps Edge executables running in the background and you won't see the effect on the new feature you activated.
hope that helps


Thank you, I turned off startup boost and the button came back!
Today's dev update also get this feature.

There are some issues though:
1) In vertical tab mode, there is some align issue of workspace button, Workspace name can not fully showed, but when I hover the mouse cursor on it, the name showed with a different background color.
2) When edge closed and launched, It entered a unsaved workspace window with last session' tabs. I have to select a named workspace and close the unsaved workspace window.
Thanks, The shortcut link still contain the flag, I turned off startup boost according to @HotCakeX's suggestion, the feature came back.

You're very welcome :)

let's send feedback for them through browser

@Jeffz9527 Glad that worked out for you!  As far as I know Startup Boost is only a feature on the Windows version of Edge.  I'm thinking that Workspaces has not yet been ported over to any of the MacOS versions of Edge.

I added the command line parameters and it is a neat feature and the perfect implementation of Set Tabs Aside!