Ink Support, Web notes and Sharing on Chromium Edge

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I was able to use my Surface pen to annotate webpages, pdf files, etc. on Microsoft Edge

Please bring the functionality on Chromium Edge as well.

Also, the sharing with OneNote, Nearby Sharing, and with other apps is also missing in the new Chromium Edge.


However, please keep it unique to Chromium Edge only. 

Cortana, Ink annotation, Sharing options, etc. are what keeping Edge unique from others.

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We appreciate your feedback, and these features are being seriously considered.


Thanks again for your feedback, and feature request,


@V-FRROME any news? for Surface Pro users I think is a must to be able to use Surface pen to annotate webpages and pdf files ...

@drcza Especially for us waiting for our new machines Nov 5 - anxiously waiting to see what Edge features will be installed on the new Pro X.

I want web notes too, very important feature


I hope all of the suggested features in here be implemented into the browser Before the final stable release.

@drcza @soumitra2102 @HotCakeX @universalnettwork @Robin Nilsson 


I wish we did have time frames or dates for feature requests.


The great thing is that these feature requests are getting sent in and getting attention.


The engineering team is working hard to get them out as soon as they can, but have to make sure they don't effect any other features or cause crashing, and are as functional as possible.


Thanks everyone for your feature request and please keep sending them in.


@soumitra2102 Totaly agree to web inc did use the Edge edgehtml for only inc before, its was so nice when i need to send some print screen frome a webpages just take printscreen and automatic inc and send it away direclty to a co-worker. That is relly something am missing on the chromium. 

@soumitra2102 I'm surprise to not see this thread having more comments. To me, this is of utmost important for pro user. This is the things that you'd think should always be there, and then you forgot about it, then one day it's gone and you realize how much you miss using it.


Please escalate this and prioritize this.

Oh they are prioritizing it, just recently added to the list

Add the ability to ink on web pages [under review for 1 week]
Inking for PDF files [added and it's being worked on, you can try it in Edge canary channel]

I hope we get the ink support, I absolutely use the PDF annotations and OneNote integration all the time - it's the primary use of my SP4.  Looking forward to seeing it in Edge Chromium - the OneNote integration now is OK but all it is is bookmarks and screenshots.

You're right, I hope Microsoft don't replace the new Edge with Edge classic until it has got all those features too.
the OneNote extension is available yea but that's not for Microsoft's browser, they made it for 3rd party browsers such as Google chrome, Microsoft's browser needs an integrated and full featured solution.

I installed the new Chromium Edge that was released Jan 15.  It did replace the Edge classic (I knew it would).  Pen support on my Surface Pro is lacking.  You get blue ink, that's it!  No option for pen width.  The eraser on the pen no longer functions, you must select the eraser icon and use it to erase.  There is no highlighter.  Edge was my default for viewing and marking up pdf files but no longer.  I'll no longer use Edge in class for highlighting web pages to students and I'll no longer recommend students use Edge for viewing and marking up pdf files.


I understand the Chromium Edge is a work in progress and it takes time to add functionality.  I do hope these inking functions that were available in classic edge will make it into the new Chromium Edge soon.


Other than the loss of pen functionality, I like the new Edge.

Highlighter, different colors, ability to change inking thickness etc are all available in Edge canary and Dev, they will be shipped to Beta and then stable channel soon. so meanwhile you can use the higher channels side by side the stable channel.

you can even use the legacy Edge side by side with the new Stable Edge until all the features are implemented
You're welcome :)

I tried the procedure for Legacy/Chromium Stable Edge side-by-side.  However my Win 10 Pro did not have the referenced setting in Group Policy Editor (my Win 10 Home system doesn't even have Group Policy Editor).  I did a search and found a process for enabling side-by-side with a change to the registry.  After the registry change, I did not get the Legacy Edge, still Chromium only.  I had to remove Chromium Edge and reinstall it to get both versions.  I now have both versions that I can use.  That will work for my current needs.


Maybe I'll look into canary and Dev later, when I'm feeling brave.



You need to have the policy files for the new Edge in order to change them, that's why you couldn't find them.

in here
from the top go to business => pilot today




download the file and extract it.

put the ADMX files in C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions

restart computer

Ink support, Cortana help on context, Automatic lyrics pop-up on playing a song, able to annotate pdfs, etc. are the features why I'm still sticking to the old Microsoft Edge.


Hope to see these features exclusive to New Microsoft (Chromium) Edge.