How to change the country of My Feed in Microsoft Edge Chromium?


How to change the country of My Feed in Microsoft Edge Chromium? It always shows US. 

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This function isn't possible at this moment, it will be possible soon i think


Thanks. Hope it'd come quickly.

@chdslv Yes, regional news exists (for Norway in my case) and Microsoft spends resources on creating and editing that content. It is a bit unfortunate that this content is only available in the classic Edge browser as of now.
I have an English language version of the Edge Insider browser installed but I would expect it to be possible to select the region for the feed content as a separate setting.

Please enable the setting - similarly as in classic Edge - to stop "blocking" the regional content.

@chdslv  It linked to your browser language, at least was in recent builds. You can change it in the settings.

@Henry08 Seems to have no effect in the latest dev channel version.


I can't see any change - no regional (Norwegian) feed sources are available after changing browser language.


As far as I know, the settings for my personalized feed in the classic Edge browser is stored and synced with my MS account. Edge Insider does not honor these settings.


FYI: To my knowledge, the feed region and sources setting is shared between Edge classic and the Microsoft News app.

@YearnA  I set language to norks and got this. I'm not so sure but it looks like Norwegian feed as for me.  Canary 79.0294


@Henry08 You're right. I had multiple languages in my languages list, and moving Norwegian to the top was not sufficient. But when choosing "Display Microsoft Edge in this language" it works.


Edge UI LanguageEdge UI Language


I was afraid that in order to get the "regionalized" feed to work I would have to change the languages list and thereby all "Accept-Language" request headers sent from Edge. 

If the feed region/language will not have a setting of its own, I prefer that feed follows the browser "UI Language" setting instead like it does now.

I have a feeling that users will demand separate and more visible/available setting for the news feed language though.

The language could be British English, but say, I'd like to get info, say from Poland or Russia. For example, a person living in Poland should be able to have the browser in English, but get info news from Poland, and be able to choose from any other country.  

I agree.
Feed source region should be a separate setting.
Default value for the setting could be: "Determined by browser display language" - but with the possibility to change to a different region value.

@chdslv  All I can do here is give a clue that I stumbled upon. It's also what led me to having this problem in the first place. Hopefully somebody that know more than me can do something with it.


I'm in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USofA, and my feed was set appropriately. Then I hooked up to my VPN and my IP address registered in Montreal, Canada. If I did anything else at this point, I don't remember, but my feed has been Canadian ever since. Disconnecting from my VPN does not change it back.


Good luck cyber sleuths!

Hi all,


Some feedback from Belgium where by default we have multiple languages.

My Edge (Beta) was set to EN but the news displayed in the new tab were displayed in Dutch, while I'm French speaking. The news posted were indeed Belgian news so that was ok. However, I wanted to have news in French. (or say: from Belgian French-speaking sources).


So the setup was slightly annoying until I found out this article and tried a few things.

  1. In my preferred language settings, only English was present.
  2. I added French and then selected "Display MS Edge in this language".
    1. Upon restarting Edge, the news posts were displaying Belgian French-speaking news article. Hurrah, that did it.
    2. However, all Edge menu were now in French and .... I wanted to keep EN. 
  3. I switched back to "English" (not English United States or United Kingdom) for the "display Edge in this language" and restarted Edge.
  4. Bingo, I have now exactly what I want:
    1. Contextual menus in Edge Beta are in EN
    2. News articles are in French and from Belgian sources.


Not so intuitive but it works does not work, so I share.


EDIT: bah, no. After another browser restart, the news switched to US.



Now added the ability to change the location and languages for news content on the new tab page in Version 81.0.387.0

More info: