How do I revert favorites to previous state? Edge Dev poured my Chrome favorites in uninvited.

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How do I revert to a previous state of Microsoft account favorites?


Edge Dev imported my Chrome favorites with inadequate warning as discussed in a previous thread.


I have (well had) a separate set of favorites in my Microsoft account.  Edge Dev synced to my account and flooded my MS favorites with my Chrome favorites.



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Thanks for your question. Here's a workaround to reset your favorites and and re-import them from other browsers:

1. Go to edge:\\favorites
2. Select all favorites (Ctrl+A) & hit delete to remove all favorites
3. Manually import favorites from desired browser(s) via edge:\\settings\ImportData (under Import browser data)

I've filed a feedback (via smiley face) on your behalf to ensure we can continue to improve Edge favorites/sync experience. Thanks much!
This doesn't revert it just deletes everything.

I had the same thing happen to me today, is their any way to revert to a previous state?