HEVC Main 10 video playback is heavily stuttering

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Hi! I am using Edge 87 on Windows 10 20H2 with HEVC plug-in installed from Microsoft store.

Like the title mentioned, HEVC Main 10 video playback became heavily stuttering during recent updates.


I can observed this issue in nextcloud video player or Jellyfin media server. As you can see in the attachment, there is no frame drops in the stats for nerds but the videos is indeed stuttering.


I tried to reinstall HEVC plug-in and the graphical driver from AMD and NVIDIA with no luck. If anyone can help me look into this, I would be very appreciated!



Windows 10 Pro 20H2

Edge 87 stable, 88 dev

HEVC plug-in 1.0.33242.0

AMD Vega 8 APU and driver 20.11.2 WHQL

NVIDIA GTX 1660 and driver 457.51 WHQL

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do you have any public link for us to test it? i try to play HEVC 10 video file from here but it's downloaded, as always https://jell.yfish.us/

also, you can send a feedback from Edge feedback button or shortcuts (Alt + Shift + i). it will send additional diagnostic data to help solve the problem.
from the feedback mini window, click on attachments => recreate my problem => start recording
while it's recording, try to watch the video again


btw, try enabling/disabling these flags: (first one isn't available in stable yet)



@HotCakeX Thanks for your reply.


Seems that the latest HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer is broken on AMD and NVIDIA.

I have just purchased HEVC Video Extensions and the stutter is gone.

Nice, I also have the 2nd one, store says the first one is not available for me.


Unfortunately, the issue is back now on edge 87.0.664.66 :\

Now I can replicate this on Intel, AMD and Nvidia.


I got this in edge://media-internals, seems to be the reason.

"(Log limit reached. Further similar entries may be suppressed): Decoded frame with timestamp 0.626 s is out of order."


Same issue reported from another user recently.


I see that too on Version 89.0.742.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)
followed the reproducing steps from that question

best thing to do is to send feedback using feedback button on Edge, and from the mini feedback window choose attachments => recreate my problem => start recording

play the video again on Edge while it's recording.

@HotCakeX Thanks for bringing the flags below to my attention.





I had one site that was acting like it was having buffering issues on a high-speed line. The same site had no issues in Firefox. Your post saved me from having to reinstall Chrome to see if it was Edge specific. After some experimentation I found that edge://flags/#disable-accelerated-video-decode fixed the issue entirely for Edge.


It could still be a buffering issue with how the handoff to the acceleration is performed, but this seems to have confirmed that it was not a basic video buffering issue.

You're welcome, good to hear that,
with this flag set to disabled:

I can't play HEVC content in Edge at all.
(using the test content in here: https://x265.com/hevc-video-files/ )


HEVC in Edge is only supported by hardware decoders.

I also encountered the same problem when playing the HEVC video, and it looks like a problem with HEVC B frame decoding
Facing same issues with netflix 4k on the netflix app and edge on windows 10.
i purchased the extension , still same issues.
if i uninstall the extension , the nextflix plays in 1080p but do not stutter.
if i install the extension , i get 4k but the video freezes or stutters or i get black screen.
I have the same issue. VLC and the built-in video-audio player works fine, but Edge stutters a few times per second.
Having same issue here, My hardware is fully capable of decoding HEVC and x265 codec so I bought the HEVC video extension from Microsoft store to play Netflix in 4k but It stutters 4k movies same as you showed in the attachment. HD movie plays without any problem.

I tried to play some HEVC 4k offline video in VLC and it works just fine but when I play the video in Microsoft Movies & TV app it stutters.

My GPU driver and windows is up to date but I don't understand what is the problem.

PC spec:
Windows 10 Pro 20H2, OS build 19042.867
Edge Version 89.0.774.57 (Official build) (64-bit) [Chromium]
HEVC Video Extension 1.0.40614
I5 8400
GTX 1060, Driver 461.72 - WHQL

I don't think it's HEVC, I think it is PlayReady DRM. Both Netflix and HBO Max use PlayReady DRM, and Widevine DRM when PlayReady isn't available.

For me, this issue has been happening since the first release of the Nvidia 30 series drivers. Now it only happens for the first ten seconds with each Mouse hover preview on Netflix and some HBO Max content. At the time of my Video, HBO Max didn't use HEVC. Anyway, it only lasts about 10 seconds on both Netflix and HBO Max. And yes, this only seems to happen with 4K displays. It affects each version of HDCP differently. My older 4K monitor had HDCP 2.0 and my new monitor has HDCP 2.2.


Note: HBO Max kept Jittering for 10 seconds with HEVC uninstalled. I had to disable PlayReady DRM for the jitters to go away. For netflix, it only happens with 4k and ATMOS content (Excluding most Anime). BTW, disabling Playready (or uninstalling HEVC) is not an option because doing so will not allow the viewing of any Netflix 4K/ATOMOS content.

@jesseinsf well, it definitely is HEVC because the same video works fine on LG TV browser and VLC player on the computer. It starts to jitter, stutter (whatever you call it) when I try to play it into edge browser.

It did fine a few months ago with the same videos.

p.s. I don't have Nvidia, just nice old Intel 630...

No issues whatsoever here with 1080p HEVC Main10 (x265, bframes=12), or a 2160p HDR HEVC Main10 file in Movies & TV.


The same 1080p file is a weird stuttery mess if I remux it to MP4 and drag and drop it on Edge Dev.

HEVC Extensions from Device Manufacturer 1.0.41023.0 with an AMD GPU on 21H1.

Well, I never wrote that I have encountered HEVC decoding issues with anything else than Edge (the internet browser). I use Netflix and VLC player with no problems.

Very frustrating issue. It appeared a year ago and never been fixed.

I tried to install the HEVC extension before July 2020, and there is no such problem on version 21821 and 31823.
In the November release of version 33424 has been recently updated to version 41483 has shown a decoding problem.
HEVC Extension version 31823 download link: https://www.free-codecs.com/hevc_video_extension_download.htm



It also works for me with downgrading the HEVC extension. But the problem is, that after some time, it will be automaticaly updated to the newer version and HEVC video playback in edge will be broken again..


Also, this is not really a sollution. Microsoft should have already fixed the issue by now. Com on! it has been nearly a year!!!

Nearly TWO years. At least one and a half ;)
Microsoft are very lazy and rich guys :D