File Save As missing in IEMode.

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When running in IEMode and you want to save the displayed content you have no "save as" and the menu via .../more tools/save page as is greyed out.

Ctrl+S does not work either.

Please advice on how to accomplish this simple task?

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@Ulrich_Bernskov Thanks for reaching out! We'll loop in our IE Mode Team and let you know if they have any insights to share about saving functionalities.


Fawkes (they/them)
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This is functioning as intended.

Saving a link in IE mode results in a webpage being saved from the IE perspective and will always open in Edge (since the location is not on the site list). We end up having content meant for IE opening in Edge, and want to avoid possibly incorrect behavior.

Can you help us understand if there is a particular scenario where this is required to work for you?





We have several situations where there is a need to save the content in the browser to a file.

We have an ERP system that needs to run in EMIE mode as it uses Java and we need to save output to CSV/TXT (joblists, inventory list etc)

In another system it generates XML that we cannot save as all 'save as' options are disabled and greyed out.

It is not and .LNK/.WEBSITE file we want - it is the content in the browser we want to save