Favorites bar zoom bug

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Favorites bar has an extra scrollbar when browser zoom is set to 110%:


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@msekmfb1 Thank you for reporting this! I wasn't able to repro it on my machine; can you please confirm what channel and version number(s) you encountered this on? And if it's persisting, can you please send a screenshot and diagnostics through the in-browser feedback tool? (Shift+Alt+I)


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@Deleted Thanks for the reply, I'm on Canary 88.0.673.0, Windows 10


How to reproduce this bug:

1) Set zoom > 100% there: edge://settings/appearance

2) Open favorites bar and expand a category, you'll see a second scrollbar. I think that is because the favorites bar is built on web-technologies and has a hard-coded height value.

Related issue, that still not fixed:

I'll provide a video a few minutes later.

@Deleted Please, check this video. I think that the second container (the one after the toolbar) becomes scrollable:


@Deleted Another related bug - history, favorites and downloads pages has a horizontal scroll when zoom is not 100% (I tested on 110%):



@msekmfb1 Thank you for sharing that screenshot and GIF; those were really helpful. I'll share this with our Favorites team. In the meantime, do you have any extensions installed or certain flags enabled? If so, can you please disable them and try again?


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@msekmfb1 Quick follow up question from the team: what screen dpi do you have? 


Fawkes (they/them)
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@Deleted Thanks for the reply, I have 125% Windows DPI scaling, but this bug affects my other PC with 100% DPI scaling and >100% Microsoft Edge zoom, so it doesn't depend on DPI scaling.

@Deleted Disabled all the flags, no changes :(

I see the issue is resolved in Canary 88.0.683.0
Thanks for the attention!
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@msekmfb1 Excellent! I just confirmed with the team that the fix is in, so we're glad to hear that you have it already. The team is continuing to look into that second bug you mentioned, so I will let you know if/when there are updates there too.


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@Deleted I just noticed exactly the same issue in the Shopping popup and also I've noticed that the fix is to prevent zoom on the Favorites popup, so I think this type of problems, including the one with Shopping and the one with Collections can be fixed in the same way



@msekmfb1 Good to know! I'll reach out to the Shopping team as well.


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@msekmfb1 The update is live only now, so be on a lookout for the fix!


My collections is always zoomed in, and the bars don't scroll to the edge.


@JoeYo I see they've fixed it in the latest Dev builds

I also see this bug is still present in cookies dialog