[Done] Add a "Search by voice" option in the new tab page

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There needs to be an option in the new tab page in Edge to initiate a web search using voice and picture (reverse image search), instead of having to go to the Bing and then click on the microphone icon, Or going to Bing images and doing the reverse search.

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+1 for this great suggestion. Sent feedback about it.



this is now added to Edge Version 87.0.664.75 (Official build) (64-bit)

(controlled feature rollout), it works perfectly. I have it on Edge stable but not canary





Thanks for updating me about this feature. I Will try as soon as I get it :smile:

That is amazing!! Thanks,
Yeah, it seems not to be avaible on work accounts or school accounts?
probably not, those accounts might need to configure a policy for that to appear, i'm not sure if the related policy is even available yet since its a very new feature

It seems the search by voice icon is gone from the new tab window now in Edge? On 3 different PCs I use it is gone. No policy restrictions. I miss it. Please let me know. Thanks