Dev Tools and Too much RAM usage


I'm on latest version of Windows 10 and using Edge stable Version 83.0.478.37 (Official build) (64-bit)

But, this problem has been happening since few weeks ago which I was using Edge stable version 81.


When letting dev tools be open for longer periods of time such as 10 hours, the RAM usage on the system increases substantially. after 10 hours the RAM usage of a single tab which usually uses 700MB goes as high as 4000MB. I have 16GB of DDR4 RAM. I don't do anything special in the Dev tools, I just open it and then use a network throttling preset.


this causes instability on the browser, the dev tools UI gets stuck, becomes unresponsive etc. these all happen in long periods of time of Dev tools usage.


I've sent this using Feedback button on Edge too.

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@HotCakeX Hmm, that's interesting feedback, thanks for sharing. Do you have any flags enabled that are related to Dev tools? Are you seeing this same behavior in other builds?


And welcome back! We're glad to see you around again. :stareyes:


Fawkes (they/them)
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No i haven't sent any flags, everything is at their default values. it's been happening on several Windows and Edge builds. happens in Edge 81 stable and now in Edge 83 stable.


Thank you for the welcome message ^^

I'm just spending more time on Xbox games, specially Sea of Thieves, still a heavy Edge tester/user and i use feedback button on Edge more frequently :)


How is this not solved yet?
I just had the same issue. Edge Developer Tools reached over 5500GB
All I'm doing is developing an app with devtools open.
TALL stack. Laravel Vite. Vite automatically refreshes the page when changes are detected.
That's it, nothing else, not using any special features of Dev Tools.