Dev Channel update to 117.0.2007.0 is live


Hello Insiders! Today, we are releasing the first 117 build, 117.0.2007.0 to the Dev channel. This includes numerous fixes. For more details on the changes, check out the highlights below. We also have released a few blogs since the last post.


Sidebar Extensions: Boost your users’ productivity with Microsoft Edge Add-ons - Microsoft Edge Blog...


Bing Chat Enterprise, your AI-powered chat for work, available in Microsoft Edge sidebar - Microsoft...


Fighting notification spam in Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Edge Blog (


New AI-powered Microsoft Shopping tools arrive on the new Bing and Edge | Bing Search Blog


Microsoft Edge | What's New in DevTools 113 and 114 - YouTube



Added features:  

  • WebView2:
    • Added experimental Extension API.
    • Added experimental Frame Process info API.
  • Enterprise:
    • New policy: (Note: Updates to documentation and administrative templates may not have occurred yet)
      • Added PinBrowserEssentialsToolbarButton Policy.


Improved reliability:  

  • Fixed browser crashes when playing a video in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed browser crashes when submitting feedback.
  • Fixed browser crashes when launching the browser in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed browser crashes when clicking on Open in Microsoft Edge from PWA.
  • Fixed browser crashes when launching.
  • Fixed browser crashes related to the sidebar.
  • Fixed browser crashes when using the Sidebar Search pane.
  • Fixed browser crashes related to Autofill.
  • Fixed browser crashes when visiting certain websites.
  • Linux:
    • Fixed browser crashes when using a microphone on a website.


Changed behavior: 

  • Fixed last workspace opens when joining a new workspace.
  • Fixed old workspaces not loading.
  • Fixed displaying a blank page in Workspaces in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed the blank edge://flags page.
  • Fixed sync issue "Connection failed(-2)".
  • Fixed Pin to taskbar always pinning the left window tab when using Split screen.
  • Fixed Dev tools opening only in the left window tab when using Split screen.
  • Fixed Speaker icon displaying in red on tabs.
  • Fixed zoom not working in PWA.
  • Fixed STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION when visiting certain websites.
  • Fixed the browser launching in tablet mode while the computer is in desktop mode on certain devices.
  • Fixed Text prediction deleting empty spaces and new line.
  • Linux:
    • Fixed close, minimize and maximize buttons overlay on the user profile picture.
  • macOS:
    • Vertical tabs now work on full screen.
  • iOS:
    • Fixed Translation is not working.
  • WebView2:
    • Fixed Configuration options(CoreWebView2PdfToolbarItems.MoreSettings CoreWebView2PdfToolbarItems.FullScreen) are not valid in PDF preview mode (#3324).
    • Fixed CoreWebView2.Settings.HiddenPdfToolbarItems: When hidingBookmarks, Search and PageSelector the toolbar gets lost (#2866).
    • Fixed CoreWebView2PdfToolbarItems lacks members for "enter full screen" and "Settings and more" (#2728).
    • Fixed context menu always available within Print dialog (#3548).
    • Fixed UWP Webview2 Size shrinks on Extended displays (#3002).
    • Fixed form does not display on the foreground anymore in the beta runtime (#3584).


See an issue that you think might be a bug? Remember to send that directly through the in-app feedback by heading to the ... menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback and include diagnostics so the team can investigate.

Thanks again for sending us feedback and helping us improve our Insider builds.

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Instant crash on MacOS when starting the browser. I see my window and tabs come up and can read the URL in the URL bar... no page content shows... then the browser crashes immediately.

How can I help provide info? Obviously I can't use the help/feedback menu since the browser is crashing.
Tablet mode is gone in this build.

 In case anyone else has this problem on MacOS, I was able to find the prior version of Edge Dev in my home directory and was able to re-install it:

Library/Application Support/Microsoft/EdgeUpdater/apps/msedge-dev/116.0.1938.29

@stevexyz You're lucky. I can't find version 116 anywhere. My titlebar contrast is horrible now and it's no longer using my Windows accent color.

Not sure what changed there but the Android version is basically a complete disaster that crashes in less than 10 seconds after loading up a page. Doesn't happen on every page, but a lot of them.
Same, edge canary (tablet) doesnt' work !


Why are some items red ?

Please see this screenshot :


of course, they are the unavailable tools at the moment, but before, they got the same color...



I have reported the following via the in-app "Send feedback":


  • Cosmetic bug in Edge Dev 117 version: On the WhatsApp app site (, numerous interface elements are rendered with a white drop shadow outline around them since the update to this browser version. This issue does not occur in either Edge or Chrome browsers.



001-14u06.jpg 001-14u05.jpg

Same here, it's basically useless now.
Since this build, my Settings > Profiles > Passwords page is blank. Disabled extensions, rebooted several times. No change.
Same here on 2 Gentoo Linux systems using microsoft-edge-dev-117.0.2007.0. I reverted to microsoft-edge-dev-116.0.1938.29 and the password screen is working again.
Lost all profiles. How do I get them back? On Windows 11.

@Eric_E Here is my ms edge insider: image.png

- Blank edge://settings/passwords page.
- Lost Windows accent color on title bar, now it's always gray. Note this does not happen when vertical tabs are enabled. Please share some insights on intentions.
- Title bar often does not respond to double-clicking, dragging, or right-clicking. Requires minimizing and restoring the window to be responsive again.

The browser UI is so broken with this release. There are 2X now to close the browser tabs, the favourite bar is twice the size now.

Screenshot 2023-08-04 125238.png

@Sumit Dhiman Facing the exact same issue today. It was fine the entire week.

You can also right-click on the tabs to fix it. Found it out the hard way.
Found the problem - Touch mode in Appearance Settings was set as Auto, turning it off fixed the issue.