Crash on context menu invocation in private windows in 96.0.1047.2


Reproducible crash.


  1. Open an New Private Window
  2. Google Images, search up any image
  3. Attempt to invoke a context menu on any image

Crashes every time.


If needed, bucket ID from about:crashes d5d8dc910727efa74848bc3d3f68bef5



Edit: This is even simpler to reproduce.


1. Open a new Private Window

2. Right click 'InPrivate Browsing' in the newly opened window



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I am attaching Crashpad crash data.



Hey there @AaronMT! Are you still seeing this with version 96.0.1054.1?


I'm not able to reproduce this in my Dev channel that's on 1047.2, or in Canary on 1054.1


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I'll have to wait for the next Dev update as I don't use Canary. This is still reproducible for me on 96.0.1047.2
Thanks for confirming! What OS and OS version are you on?
Windows 10 21H1 (19043.1288)
Hey there, version 96.0.1054.2 is in the process of rolling out to Dev! When you get the update, can you confirm if you're still seeing this crash?
Great, this seems fixed in the update! Thanks for checking in.