Canary channel update to 82.0.431.0 is live + FULL list of Changes


First of all let's talk about Removed features:


  1. Developer Tools experiments Flag removed.
    Enables Developer Tools experiments. Use Settings panel in Developer Tools to toggle individual experiments. – Mac, Windows


  2. PDF Inking functionalities still removed. [Controlled Feature Rollout]


Now the New features/Changes added:


  1. New customization option for the Edge toolbar: dsadsa.png
  2. New Share Button on the Toolbar: LINK
  3. Download settings relocated: LINK
  4. Design improvements in Edge Favorites manager: edge://favorites/gfgdgfgfgfgfgf.png

     Previously they were scattered here:cvzxcxzc.png



This update was delayed for 1 week. I hope Edge canary channel's update cycle returns to the normal periods and we see daily/nightly updates again.


That's it, head over to the Official What's New Microsoft page for more info:

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@HotCakeX hi,

A note on PDF inking, I still have those additional colors & thickness option. I don't guess it is a Controlled Feature Rollout?

Screenshot (173).png

The reason some people have it and the rest don't is because it is CFR.