Autoplay Block Not Working

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I have turned on the autoblock flag, and have set it to "Block" however I can't find a single page anywhere this feature actually works


Does anyone have a better experience?


Currently on Dev.

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Same problem here. I've never found a site where the setting works consistently (or at all tbh). I much prefer the Sound permission in Google Chrome, basically blocks all sounds so autoplay becomes a non-issue. You can whitelist which site you want to have audio manually there.


It works when I paste a YouTube link in the browser, on a new tab.




it stops it from playing but as you can see it won't stop it from auto buffering which is really bad because YouTube will Internet bandwidth to preload the content.


block option also stops playing CNN videos, but again, the important thing is that you take the link and paste it into the browser directly, that's the only way it works. I did this right after opening Edge. it does not work when you, for example, go to and then click on "videos" section, or go to Bing, search for "Selena Gomez song" and then click on the YouTube, they won't get blocked.


I think this is the biggest issue with "block" option in Edge media Auto-play blocking.

I'm sending my findings using feedback button on Edge as well.



p.s Block option is experimental. I'm using Edge Canary Version 83.0.474.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)



Why does microsoft hate it's users so much? Media autoplay is truly obnoxious. Especially late at night when your wife is sleeping.

It's simple - If they actually allowed autoply to be blocked, they don't get advertising $'s!!@andrewvinci