Any way to give feedback on Edge Mobile

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Hi, is there any (official) way to provide Feedback (e.g. Bug Reports, Feature Requests) for the Microsoft Edge Browser on Android ?

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Yes of course, you can do it from the Edge on Android









Thank you, I didn't realize this was also for suggestions. I thought it was only for crash reports.
You're welcome,
Feedback can be crash reports, bugs, feature requests and anything of that sort. it works the same way for Edge on desktops :)
Apart from this, is there any email address to give feedback since the text size in the feedback section in the app is limited?

An email address would be nice especially considering that sending the feedback with an attached screenshot does not work. When I fill up the form, include a screenshot and click on "Send", I get an error... Difficult to report an issue when the tool to report an issue is buggy :)

@ssougnez the Feedback button just does nothing on my device :( Almost like they don't want you to contact them, especially as the email addresses published on the Google Play Store come back as undeliverable!