Add 1-way sync to Edge browser


Let us enable one-way sync in browser, this is specially and extremely useful when testing Canary and Dev channels, as they are rather unstable.

for example, I want 2-way (regular) sync on Edge stable but 1-way sync for Edge canary (only download changes on canary and don't upload anything back to the cloud to prevent any possible sync issue or data loss).



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Yes, I agree totally. I have had issues with sync, where I have lost 3 folders off my favorites bar and because of sync all 4 versions of Edge synced and did the same, so that I lost them same 3 folders in all 4 version of edge and NO way to get them back. I did however not have sync on for my phone, which thankfully still had the folders I lost. I still have sync off on my phone. I use Canary as my default browser on my PC.
One way sync would be GREAT!