A list of design problems with Edge

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  • Controls don't match equivalents of the modern parts of the Windows system and default apps 
    • Tooltips (no transparency or fade-in)
    • Right-click/context menus (no transparency or animations)
    • Dropdown menus (no transparency or animations)
    • Hover effects (no reveal effects)
      • And they're also delayed, which makes the browser feel more sluggish
    • Loading wheels for HTML video and in the Updates section of Settings
    • The new icons in Canary
      • This puts mobile icons in a desktop space, which makes it feel inconsistent with desktop apps (this would be fine as long as the rest of Windows and Outlook on the Web are also getting icon refreshes to match mobile icons, but we haven't heard anything about this)

Apart from the font and the current iconography, Edge keeps Material Design from Chromium.


Anything I'm forgetting?


EDIT: looking more closely at their wording on the iconography and here, it looks like the new icons are going to be the same across all of Microsoft.

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@martinnn Have you tried printing a PDF recently? The loading icon was updated and I like it.
The loading wheel is updated to Fluent in some parts of Edge (the tabs being the most prominent), but I noticed it wasn't updated specifically in HTML video and the Updates section of Settings.
@martinnn Actually I meant the opposite. Instead of the Windows icon for printing, there'll be a short blue line spinning inside a circle. Give it a try.
The blue line in a circle is the loading wheel for Material Design, which is Google's design language that comes with Chromium. The Edge team didn't make it--they just didn't change it from Chromium.

What you saying is exactly what I'm saying is inconsistent with Windows.
@martinnn Oh, okk...