On-premise Exchange2016 and Office 365 Outlook web access

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Currently we have an Exchange 2007 server on-premise and we are planning to move to Office 365 plan E1/E3 with all users EXCEPT for the mail part (for various reasons).

So we will upgrade from Exchange 2007 -> 2010 -> 2016 and then connect the new server to Office 365 as a hybrid.

I would like that my E1 users gets the full experience of via browser and I have this question:

Is it possible to make a setup where my users can log on to and use the Outlook icon that they will see? I mean.. can you change the setup so the Outlook icon points to the on-premise server instead?

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Hi @Johnny Mikkelsen,


That is not possible. The Outlook Icon will only be available if you have Mailbox on Office 365.

Ok thanks.

I was affraid that you would say that :)


My hope was that that my on-premise server and the Office 365 Exchange would act like two exchange servers in same organisation (more or less).


But thanks anyway

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Hi @Johnny Mikkelsen,


When you have hybrid is like you have 2 separate Exchange Organizations federated with each other.


But you can customize Office 365 to have a Icon pointing to your Exchange On-Premises, but many features are only available when you move the mailbox to Exchange Online.

I would highly recommend looking st moving your exchange workload to 365. Many of the other products rely on it and you are going to end up having to employ work arounds on things due to not having it. I was reluctant as well but after realizing I needed it to have a better experience for other items I quickly changed my mind and went full exchange online migration mode and never looked back. I have been extremely happy with Exchange online.

Hi Christopher and thanks for your reply.


And you are right of course.

I am leaning towards moving my E1 users to 365 and perhaps also the E3 users but it requires some thought :)


But anyway thanks