Copilot with Safe Search through DNS CNAME

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Good afternoon,


We're looking at implementing Copilot and was looking over the MSFT Learn page.


The Manage section references 'Prevent use of Copilot without commercial data protection: Update your DNS configuration by setting the DNS entry for to be a CNAME for'


However, within the FAQ section it talks about Copilot working with safe search if you've implemented proxy redirection . With the subsequent link to Blocking adult content with SafeSearch or blocking Chat - Microsoft Support saying ' If you want to guarantee Chat is turned off for all users on your network plus all users are set to strict SafeSearch, in our router or proxy server map to'

We want to block access to Copilot for all unlicensed users and force all licensed users to use Copilot with commerical data protection. We also want to ensure all users have Bing SafeSearch enabled.


If we use DNS to redirect to, will we achieve our goals? The articles I've referenced don't seem to directly answer the question and the way I'm reading the them, they seem to conflict each other.



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We have been looking to do the same. It appears this page has been updated recently to include enforcing commercial data protection for copilot urls. 
Manage Copilot | Microsoft Learn

"Prevent use of Copilot without commercial data protection: Update your DNS configuration by setting the DNS entry for to be a CNAME for"