Copilot is the new name for Bing Chat Enterprise!


Announced at Ignite, and in an effort to simplify the user experience and make Copilot more accessible to everyone, Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise are becoming Copilot, with commercial data protection enforced when any eligible user is signed in with Microsoft Entra ID. 


Additionally, try out Copilot on its new site,

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When can we expect the rebranding to reach the Edge Bar that, when opened up, still says Bing Chat Enterprise? Also, what is the official name? Is it Copilot for Web? Or just simply Copilot?
I am also wondering what are the "official" names now
- Bing (consumer) --> Copilot?
- Bing Chat Enterprise --> Copilot Web?
- 365 Copilot - Copilot Work?

It would be pretty important to get the names nailed down officially so that we can use them correctly in all the materials.
Hi @agreca, Bing Chat Enterprise and Bing Chat are now just Copilot. This is the name for AI chat for the web. The experience in Edge will be updating shortly with the new name and multi-colored icon (replacing the blue green one). The Edge experience is simply called Copilot in Edge.
Hi @Markku Jaatinen, the names are as follows:
Bing Chat => Copilot
Bing Chat Enterprise => Copilot
Microsoft 365 Copilot => Copilot for Microsoft 365

While Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise are both just Copilot, users with a work account (Entra ID) and an eligible Microsoft 365 sku receive commercial data protection when using Copilot which effectively provides the same protected experience as Bing Chat Enterprise.
Thanks Eric for clarification!

Hi @Eric_VanAelstyn, I have noticed that "Preview" has been dropped from Bing Chat Enterprise when visiting and using the Edge sidebar. But I was hoping the name would have been updated as of the GA date. Will this be updated to say Copilot? If so, when should we expect that change to take place? We are trying to get instructions and documentation together to promote Copilot to our firm but we don't want to cause confusion if the name changes after we send out the communication.



Hi @agreca, all surfaces will be transitioning to Copilot and away from the old Bing Chat Enterprise branding. These will be updating shortly. Adoption materials with the new branding can also be found here: