Adoption Kit Suggestion - Prompt Guide for this Product (like ones available for other copilots)

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We have rolled out Copilot (formerly BCE) and have provided a webinar to promote adoption. The adoption kit is good but staff are regularly getting confused about the naming and often find resources and guides that are meant for other products.


Is there a prompt toolkit dedicated to this product - Copilot (formerly BCE) and if not could you make one and include it in the adoption kit?


There are other toolkits for the other products which are brilliant. I would love to be able to share something similar with our staff. Unfortunately, the toolkits for the other products wont make sense to staff as they mentioned features that aren't available in Copilot (formerly BCE).



Other Prompt Guides

Here's some example toolkits and prompt guides:


1) Prompt Guide for Copilot for security.

There's even a great page for this product:


2) Prompt toolkit for Copilot for Microsoft 365

This is really good but again its for Microsoft 365 not BCE.

I found this toolkit on


I can only really find this resource relating to Copilot (formerly BCE) which feels like a guide for technical audience rather than a user guide.




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Hi @osionjet, thanks for reaching out. Have you explored our Copilot with commercial data protection adoption kit found here:

This includes a user guide, emails to help drive adoption, a tip sheet, and other resources.

Thank you for your suggestions as well! We continue to update and refine the kit over time and we love hearing feedback from customers for how we can improve it.


Hi Eric,

Yes as mentioned in the post the adoption kit is good. There are some basic prompt guidelines but not a really good prompt guide like this one:


It would be great to have more dedicated resources for end users on this product that we can signpost after the adoption kit. We're finding most of the copilot content is for "Copilot for Microsoft 365" which isn't applicable. What's worse it ends up confusing staff as they just search for information for "Copilot".