Does Copilot actually work?

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When I use Microsoft Copilot for Bing to find out specific user function for Microsoft products (for example, how to rename an MS Form) Copilot typically produces incorrect and erroneous results. If Copilot does not know how Microsoft products work, I have reservations that it's an actual thing - feels more like vaporware to me. But I am not surprised because in many cases, Microsoft produces incorrect or outdated instructions on their own products. And so, is Copilot a thing or just more overrated, overhyped AI B.S.?  

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You're right, Copilot might struggle with specific user functions, especially for Microsoft products themselves. Its training data might not include the most up-to-date information on Microsoft products. Copilot can misinterpret data, leading to nonsensical outputs (
I can understand you! Microsoft Copilot is a real AI tool, but its accuracy can vary depending on the situation. Studies have shown Copilot can increase productivity for tasks like code completion ( Research suggests it can improve accuracy in security tasks like identifying malicious scripts (
The better your prompts, the more accurate Copilot's responses will be. Always double-check Copilot's suggestions, especially for critical tasks.
Copilot is a powerful tool with limitations. While it might not be perfect for finding specific user functions in Microsoft products yet, it can be helpful for other coding tasks and is under continuous development.
For finding user functions in Microsoft products, it might be better to rely on official Microsoft documentation or support channels.
I hope this helps!
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Some features demoed in advertising videos a year ago are not present in 365 Copilot, if that is any indication. It can do some things.