Co-Pilot for Service <--> Dynamics 365

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I am currently trying to set up Co-Pilot for Service to link with my Dyncmis 365 application. I am trying to create cases/incidents from my Outlook extension and it is showing the following error: 


{ "errorCodeName": "Microsoft.SalesProductivity.ServiceFramework.SPServiceCustomErrorCode.UnidentifiedError", "message": "Copy the error details here, then share them with your admin or Microsoft support and ask if they can help you resolve this issue.", "title": "Something went wrong", "properties": {}, "troubleshootingLink": null, "source": "Server", "sessionId": "c1be7da0-0af3-4037-861e-5f1ec5054ab6", "activityId": "09a3b360-b3d3-41dd-9778-061719985467" }


Any thoughts?

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Hello, The error message you're encountering with Co-Pilot for Service and Dynamics 365 is quite generic, but there are a few things you can check to troubleshoot the issue:

Permissions: Verify that the user creating cases through the Co-Pilot for Service Outlook extension has the necessary permissions in Dynamics 365. They should have "Create" privileges for the Case entity.
Configuration: Double-check the configuration settings between Co-Pilot for Service and Dynamics 365. Ensure a proper connection is established and the data mapping between the extension and Dynamics 365 fields is accurate. Refer to Microsoft's documentation on configuring Co-Pilot for Service integrations for specific steps