How to enroll existing Hybrid-AD joined device with intune for co-management?

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Now that v1710 has released, I'm experimenting with Co-management, trying to enroll a test client for it.  I went through the wizard in SCCM to configure co-management, setting Automatic enrollment in Intune to Pilot, and selecting a device collection which includes my test computer as the pilot group.  In AzureAD I set the MDM User Scope setting to SOME, and selected a security group containing my user account. 


I've updated the SCCM client on the test computer, and am looking for some sign that it has been enrolled in Intune, but I'm not finding it.  In the "Access work or school" settings on the computer, it still just shows connected to our AD domain.  (Not sure if that would change...)  In our intune console, I don't see that this computer has been added as an enrolled device.  If I search in intune under AzureAD devices, I do find this computer listed there, but the Owner and MDM attributes are set to none. 


Is there something I'm missing when setting this up?  At what point should the device be enrolled in intune?  How can I verify that it has been enrolled? 



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Looks like I was just being impatient.  (Who, me? :) )I spent some time digging for more information on auto-enrollment of hybrid AD joined devices.  When I came back to the intune console a bit later, I found the test computer now showing as enrolled and managed by MDM/Configmgr.  


I'll leave this post in case others find themselves in a similar situation.  The answer is: Give it time.  Check back in an hour or two.  

Hi, did you just configure the setting in Co-management for AutoEnrollment?  I see a post that says you should set the GPO, but others say you don't have to.   Also, did you reboot the device before it enrolled?