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ATPHandler: Unexpected ConfigurationType, error when trying to onboard to Defender ATP using MECM

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I am trying to onboard machines using the Microsoft Defender ATP Policies deployment. 

I specified the onboarding file which I downloaded from Defender ATP, and I also specified the workspace ID an workspace key. I defined both the file and key because I am targeting both up level and down level clients in my collection.


In the ATPHandler.log file I see the following error messages:



ATPHandler: Unexpected ConfigurationType, 	ATPHandler	16-12-2020 20:55:35	3552 (0x0DE0)
ATPHandler: Failure in CATPHandler::HandleUIPolicy: 0x80070057	ATPHandler	16-12-2020 20:55:35	3552 (0x0DE0)




This is on a down level client (Windows Server 2012 R2). I followed the recommended steps from this manual:


Edit: on a 2016 machine I get the same error message.


The site version is: 5.00.9012.1000

The client version is: 5.00.9012.1052


So far I tried to recreate the entire policy, I even did a fresh download of the onboarding file. 

What can I do to further troubleshoot this? There is not much information to be found about this error message. I found one forum post here, but that does not provide a solution for me.

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This was resolved by simply waiting. It seems that the policy is not pushed out correctly at first. And then after 2-3 days I started seeing devices onboarding. Very weird issue.
This is such a weird behavior. I had the same thing happen. After waiting 2-3 days, the devices starting showing compliant and were successfully onboarded into MEM. I did onboard one Windows Server 2012 R2 and it was successful within an hour or two, so this behavior with needing to wait a few days may only be with Windows 10 devices, and probably Windows Server 2019.