Video Tutorial: Client Experience 1 - Application Deployment Part 4
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Hello everyone, here is part 4 of a series focusing on Application Deployment in Configuration Manager.  This series is recorded by @Steve Rachui, a Microsoft principal premier field engineer. These tutorials are from our library and use Configuration Manager 2012 in the demos, however the concepts are still relevant for Configuration Manager current branch.


This session focuses on the client and works through several demonstrations of deploying applications configured to demonstrate simple deployment, dependencies, supercedence, user affinity and requirements, and the client cache function.



Next in the series Steve continues to focus on the client and works through examples of using maintenance windows, applications configured for distribute on demand and roaming scenarios.


Posts in the series

  • Introduction
  • Packages
  • Applications
  • Client Experience Part 1
  • Client Experience Part 2
  • Packages Behind the Scenes
  • Applications Behind the Scenes
  • Distribution Points Behind the Scenes
  • Clients and Packages Behind the Scenes
  • Clients and Applications Behind the Scenes
  • Task Sequences
  • App-V overview
  • App-V 5.0 Sequencer
  • App-V 5.0 Client

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