Device shows connected to work or school account but device does not show up in azure AD for user

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The company device was logged into with the users O365 credentials during initial device setup.

When I go into settings on the Windows 10 Pro device, it shows he is connected to the "Work or school account" and it shows his company email address.  The user is able to use his device with the exception of he has no admin rights so he can't install anything....

When I go into Azure and look up the user, under devices it shows no devices.  All other Windows devices for other users show "Azure AD Joined".

I am trying to find a way to force reconnect the device to Azure.  From research on this issue, if I select disconnect, if he had elevated admin privilege's, his account on the device gets wiped out.  Is there a way to force a device to reconnect to Azure so that I don't wipe his account on the device?

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FYI, after research on techblogs like this here is how I solved the issue.
Opened CMD as administrator, typed: dsregcmd /status
The results were:
Device Details | DeviceAuthStatus = FAILED. Device is either disabled or deleted.
I then typed in CMD prompt: dsregcmd /forcerecovery
This code requires the user to log back into their Microsoft O365 account.
User MUST then re-enter a PIN to ensure they don't get locked out of their device.
I then logged out of the user account and logged back into the user account.
I then checked Azure AD for that user and the device was listed.
*Note: I did have to elevate the users account temporarily to admin in order to run the commands. I also changed the device name to something easier for me to search for if I had to within Azure AD.