Animal behavior detection

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I was wondering if it's possible to use Azure to detect specific behaviors in animal lab video. We are interested in detecting certain types of movements in lab mice. 

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Hi Jeff


Yes and No, this is not something Azure can do out of the box.

What you are looking for is Machine learning i guess or AI, you would have to have programmers help you create the software that could detect what is a dog, and what is behavior and so forth.

But Azure could provide the horse power needed to handle huge amounts of data once you have the learning process figured out.

Hi Kent,

Thanks for your reply. Do you know how complex it is to program something fairly basic? We don't need to recognize an animal itself, more like certain patterns of movements (e.g. leg movements in rat pups). I have some programming background and wondered how complicated if might be to use something like the Azure Video API which has some Motion Detection APIs.
Hi Jeff

I'm an infrastructure guy ☺️, and must admit the video api was unknown to me.

Have you seen this
Thanks, I'll take a look!