WVD using a call center application


Is it possible to use WVD in pooled setup for call center application that require individual IP addresses per session ? 

Or should we use the individual profile to secure unique IP address ?

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This is not something we currently support. We have been working on fixing it and will be available in the next release of Windows 10 ent for multi-session.

is this feature became available or not yet ?@Stefan Georgiev 

@Stefan Georgiev 

I am currently trying to have a shared desktop with multiple SIP accounts, but when I try to call another user on the same AVD the call lasts 6 or 7 seconds and drops. 

Hi Stefan

3 years on, Is this now available?

Thanks Wessam
Can we get an update if indeed this is being worked on? Having our VDI users hair pinned to single session is quite costly to run a softphone.