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Hi Folks


We have a windows 10 Multi session WVD deployment.  FSLogix with Office containers.  OneDrive sporadically for a few users is coming up with this. "In Cloud" files.  It seems that if you click Download Files it seems to work,otherwise i continuously just prompts with this message if you click try again



We have seen an article which suggests restarting the search service at logoff, but that doesn't appear to be helping.


We were also given a newer July release of OneDrive by Microsoft.


Still no difference.


Kinda feel like its related to office Containers and maybe its not OneDrive specically.

Seems search indexer attaches to the database

SearchIndexer (11860,D,50) S-1-5-21-1872125703-660177160-416216471-1114: The database engine attached a database (8, C:\Users\John\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\S-1-5-21-1872125703-660177160-416216471-1114\S-1-5-21-1872125703-660177160-416216471-1114.edb). (Time=0 seconds)


Then crashes.

SearchIndexer (11860,T,97) S-1-5-21-1872125703-660177160-416216471-2609: The database engine stopped the instance (6).


Any advice experience welcome.


Thank you





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@rpextech , we have not seen this as a common issue with OneDrive and FSLogix.  With a quick internet search I did find several references with trouble shooting/potential solutions, I am pasting a couple of links below.  If these do not help solve the issue, I would suggest following up with the OneDrive community or submitting a OneDrive support ticket.



We updated OneDrive to latest build and FSLogix and set a scheduled task to restart search service on user logoff.


Problem seems to be reduced but not eliminated.


Clicking download files does make the problem go away..


Its Curious.

@rpextech Would your environment allow you to test this with a local profile with enough volume to determine if the issue continues w/out FSLogix?

We have been having this same problem and have a similar setup. We are using a profile container as opposed to an office container for FSLogix. Ours is extremely random and does nothing with clicking try again.
I usually reinstall OneDrive with the /allusers switch to fix the problem. That fix may last a day if I am lucky.
We are trying to use Files on Demand to reduce costs in the profiles. We have limited the profiles to 5gb so that’s the max they can download from OneDrive to the profile.
Have not found a way to reproduce the problem.

@Scott Windmiller  It seems to have gone away now or at least not been reported after latest Windows Update. Latest Version of FSLOgix and latest onedrive build.


I cant be sure really since users clicking "Download Files" makes the problem go away.  It did seem to persist for specific users and not for others.  If the user was suffering the problem.  If i logged onto another host, the problem followed them, but if i rebooted the hosts the problem went away but then came back later.  It was very odd.   I think just updating everything seems to be key.  Maybe its some combination of versions of products maybe.  I logged a ticket with Microsoft but it wasnt very useful.


Thanks for posting back. It feels good that it was finally acknowledged!





Very annoying issue.  Still havent seen the update yet though.



@rpextech anyone seen an update somewhere?
I still have this issue, and I now see the issue on RDS Windows Server 2019 for customers as well.. 

it's totally random.




After installing FSLogix release 2009 (2.9.7621.30127) I do not see this issue for the users anymore.


Release notes for FSLogix Apps release 2009 (2.9.7621.30127) (