WVD Nslookup and ReverseConnect Error

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Hi there,


@briantaintor  @christianmontoya You guys have been so helpful to solve my previous problem for WVD. I'm always facing this problem whenever I try to access WVD. It fixes up when restarting hosts. Please check the below logs for further details and let me know what the problem is. if it internal network error from where I should start debugging?

ErrorSource : RDStack
ErrorOperation : SendReverseConnectRequestToStack
ErrorCode : -2147001830
ErrorCodeSymbolic : ConnectionFailedReverseConnectStackTransportError
ErrorMessage : Reverse Connect to '' failed with error 0x80075A1A
2147965466. Make sure it is reachable from your network. 'Unknown error (0x80075a1a)'
ErrorInternal : True
ReportedBy : RDGateway
Time : 02/10/2019 2:49:07 AM

ErrorSource : RDStack
ErrorOperation : TransportConnecting
ErrorCode : 39
ErrorCodeSymbolic : ReverseConnectDnsLookupFailed
ErrorMessage : Reverse connect to the gateway failed. DNS lookup failed.
ErrorInternal : False
ReportedBy : RDStack
Time : 02/10/2019 2:49:09 AM


Please let me what other details you need from me.


Thanks in advance.


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@ahmed_arslan: The essential information which is missing is the activity ID. Can you provide the activity ID? Other option is to work with our support through the Azure Portal.

@Eva Seydl I don't have Activity ID at the moment. We were using the WVD preview and I wanted to know the root cause for this problem.

@ahmed_arslan:I recommend to work with support when you have reviewed the guidance in our troubleshooting guides:


See this guidance on how to retrieve the activity ID. This is an useful piece of information for most support cases: 

@Eva Seydl Unfortunately, We've decommissioned the WVD tenant now, Can you confirm if it is still possible to find the RC?


best response confirmed by Eva Seydl (Microsoft)

@ahmed_arslan: In that case I recommend to just follow the tutorial here:

A possible reason why you were running into this issue is that the VNet you provisioned was not connected to the domain controller. 

@Eva Seydl Thanks for being so consistent with me, I also believe this is the root cause. I had found this problem already but wasn't sure. Once again thanks for your guidance.