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How do I enable licensing for WVD - I get a pop up saying to configure RDS Licensing.


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@chas1101 Hi Chas, have you tired:


  • Click on Start and type gpedit and go into Edit Group Policy
    If you centrally manage your Group Policy, you can edit it on your Domain Controller and apply it to the OU where your Remote Desktop Licensing Servers are
  • Navigate to: Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Remote Desktop Services\Remote Desktop Session Host\Licensing
  • Open Use the specified Remote Desktop license servers
    Change it to Enabled and enter your licensing server host name or IP address (or localhost)
  • Open Set the Remote Desktop licensing mode
    Change it to Enabled and set it to Per Device or Per User depending on your license
  • Restart the server

@Ethan Stern 


Thank you for the fast response. 

I guess I was looking to see how do you manage licenses in WVD since Microsoft manages the front end servers for RDS.  Looking through the documents it states to have SA on your Microsoft licenses. 

I am going to give your suggestion a try on the WVD server, point it to my current RDS license server.



@chas1101 awesome, I hope that works for you!

@Ethan Stern 

Should we even be using RDS cal's for this environment? It was my understanding that the Microsoft E3 license covered that for multi user session. 

best response confirmed by Eva Seydl (Microsoft)

It's similar to how on-premises licensing works . If you are using Windows Server RDSH, you need a RDS CAL for every user that connects. If you are using a Windows Client OS, you are covered with your Windows E3 (or better) Per User licensing.


Since, from a licensing perspective, Windows 10 Multi-session is considered a client OS - you don't need an RDS CAL and there is no need to configure a TS licensing host.


An Admin might be getting pop-ups about a grace period, that's something we are fixing.

  • For 1903 builds that should go away in a couple of weeks.
  • For 1809 builds it will take longer and the best workaround is using the latest image from the gallery which has a grace period of 800 days. We promise to fix this before the 800 days are over.

Thanks, Pieter


Cool, thanks for the info. Ive found this forum more helpful than any other Windows forum, keep up the good work!

Still i get this when using the Remote Desktop Client (WVD).
If no RDS license server is required, then why. This suddenly started.
I have 2 hosts in a pool. Only 1 have this issue.




I ended up redeploying to the 1903 image. Working now.
Hi there,

I still get this pop up when using the market place Images of Windows 10 1903. Should this have been fixed by now? I have a M365 E3 license assigned to the admin user I am using


Bump, we have the same issue with one (out of 6) host. It is running Windows 10 1903

We're also seeing this and are somewhat worried, since our counter is approaching 30 days (screenshot from a few days ago):


Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 12.11.14 PM.png

Pieter, do you have a fix for the issue when running Windows 10 1903?
yes I have followed it and the GPOs that are addressed in the article shows up as "Not Configured" . Note: it works for 4 other VMs, that are under the same OU and get the same GPOs applied as the one that it doesn´t work for. I have also checked for Windows updates multiple times but it sais that we have the latest ones

@jonasnilsson Can you configure it to "disabled"? It should switch to an AAD mode which, regardless on how you configured AAD, will always succeed and remove the grace period. If the counter hits 0, you will only be able to login with with an admin (using mstsc.exe /admin).