What is new in Azure Virtual Desktop for February 2023

Here's what changed in February 2023:


Symmetric NAT support for RDP Shortpath in public preview

This feature is an extension of the generally available Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Shortpath feature that allows us to establish a User Datagram Platform (UDP) connection indirectly using a relay with the TURN (Traversal Using Relays around NAT) protocol for symmetric NAT (Network Address Translation). For more information, see our blog post or RDP Shortpath for Azure Virtual Desktop.


Multimedia redirection enhancements now generally available

Multimedia Redirection (MMR) is now generally available. MMR enables smooth video playback while viewing videos in a browser running on Azure Virtual Desktop. For more information, see our blog post or Understanding multimedia redirection for Azure Virtual Desktop.


New User Interface for Azure Virtual Desktop web client now in public preview

The Azure Virtual Desktop web client has a new user interface (UI) that's now in public preview. This new UI gives the web client a cleaner, more modern look and feel. For more information, see our blog post or Use features of the Remote Desktop Web client.

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