Announcing General Availability of Multimedia Redirection (MMR) on Azure Virtual Desktop
Published Feb 07 2023 03:26 PM 116K Views

Today we are announcing the general availability of Multimedia Redirection (MMR) for Azure Virtual Desktop users. MMR is supported on both Chrome and Edge browsers for Windows.


What is Multimedia Redirection?

Multimedia Redirection (MMR) enables smooth video playback while viewing videos in a browser running on Azure Virtual Desktop.  Prior to the availability of MMR, media was rendered once in the Azure VM and then again in the remote client. With Multimedia Redirection enabled, the media element is remoted from the browser to the local machine, reducing processing in the cloud VM and resulting in smoother playback as well as significant cost savings. To learn more about MMR, see Understanding multimedia redirection on Azure Virtual Desktop.


What sites are supported?

MMR supports 30+ most trafficked and essential business sites on the Internet, including YouTube, Wall Street News, Teams Live Events, etc. To see the full list of websites supported by MMR, look at Websites that work with multimedia redirection.


Getting started

Please update your Remote Desktop client for Windows to version 1.2.3916 or higher and install the MMR host on VMs. For the detailed setup guide, please visit Use multimedia redirection on Azure Virtual Desktop - Azure | Microsoft Learn.


Multimedia Redirection is also available on Windows 365. To learn more, go to Multimedia Redirection (MMR) on Windows 365 general availability 






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