Understanding why the rdpw File on Windows ThinClients with the RemoteApp are expiring

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Hi guys


we are just about building a new AVD environment and intend to connect with HP ThinClients to the sessionhost's. We tested that in a PoC and everything worked well. I just came across the topic, that the rdpw-File, we are using for using the RemoteDesktop-App is going to expire all 4-5 month.


Azure Virtual Desktop - .rdpw file expires - Error Code: 0x1608 - Microsoft Q&A


I read an article from Nerdio that this has something to do with the certificates on the sessionhost. I'm sure i had to rebuild them because we updated the golden Image during the PoC and never came across that issue really.


Does someone have a good documentation about this? I would like to understand what exactly is the reason and why i don't have that issue probably on the Linux Version of the HP ThinClient.


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