Unable to start more than 1 session per session host during normal business hours

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We have a bit of a strange and frustrating issue going on. I am hoping someone else may have had this issue before.  We have an open support ticket, but so far microsoft support has no solution for us.


Anytime outside of normal business hours we have no issue starting user sessions.  Between the hours of 5:30 Pm and 7:30 AM I have seen as many as 7 or 8 sessions running across the 2 vms.  We have been unable to connect more than 2 or sometimes 3 sessions between the hours of 8:00 AM and until shortly after 5:00PM. Generally when the 3rd user attempts to connect we get the following message:




We are primarily using the remote desktop client to connect. We have also experienced the issue with the web client.


Here is an overview of our setup:


All of our users have O365 E3 licenses. We have Azure AD P1 license.

We have built out a WVD with 1 hostpool that has load balancing configured as breadth first with no limit on the users that can join a session host.

The host pool contains 2 session hosts.  The VM’s in the host pool are provisioned as Standard_D8s_V4 (8 cpu’s 32 gig of ram).

We have an on prem AD using Azure AD connect to sync to our Azure active directory which in turn is syncing to the Azure AD Domain services we built to support WVD


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Have you tried setting to depth first and then say 16-18 user limit per vm

I have not tried that but I will and report back.  At this point i am willing to give it a try.  I honestly don't think it is a wvd configuration issue.  I have seen as many as 5 sessions on 1 host outside of our business hours. My best guess is something is causing authentication to fail when part of our internal network is loaded up with users. @StevenR 

Changing to depth first had no impact on the issue. When set to depth first with a max of 10 users per host, we can only get one use connected between the hours of 8AM and about 5:15 pm.
Have you set a scaling script up? sounds like its worth checking that, also try setting 9 and see what happens if it lets more than 1 on also what region have you built your hostpool in?
The hostpool and all resources are in the the east region. I have no doubt a scaling script would work but it kind of defeats the purpose of having a pooled hostpool if I have have to add a new host for each user. The key here is outside of the hours from 8:00 AM to 5:00 pm WVD works as expected allowing many sessions per session host. It seems to me that some thing about the activity on our on prem network is causing some sort of authentication error or permissions error to happen. I have been unable to see any log errors or performance issues that would back up my theory or shed any light on the actual cause of the issue.
the reason I ask is because it almost sounds like a time zone issue if it allows multiples out of hours but not in hours. The scaling script i use to to say when in office hours keep X amount of seats available and then turns on and off resources to keep availability as close to X as possible, then out of hours X is a much lower figure to only have a small number of resource availble. Obviously power on connect is currently in preview and will help resolve that. Is your hostpool set to Pooled?
the host pool is set to pooled. The logs / messages provided by wvd seem to indicate users start having some sort of authentication issue once there is one user per session host when we have most of our users connected to our network and working. I have seen multiple users create sessions on day's when we had a significant portion of our work force off during normal business ours due to an internal event. I believe the issue is some how related to the level of activity on our network.
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Hi, Really sounds like you need to open a ticket with Microsoft as from what you have described it all sounds like your set up correctly. Sorry I couldn't be anymore use, however id be interested to know what the fix ends up being.
Thanks for your time and suggestions. I have had a ticket open with microsoft for a little over a week. I opened this conversation because so far they have not been able to help. Figured asking the community could not hurt. I have been able to get the ticket escalated, so hopefully we will have a resolution soon.