The web client has run out of memory error when using AVD web client (Affecting Chrome and Edge)

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I am getting the error below when trying to connect to AVD.


The web client has run out of memory. Please reduce the size of the browser window or disconnect existing connections and try again. If this keeps happening, ask your admin or tech support for help.


I have restarted the servers and can connect through private IP address to the devices but unable to connect when using the web client. It was working previously before it was shut down for a few days.



I ran this on Chrome and Edge getting the same error but works fine when using internet explorer. What setting do i need to change. I've tried connecting from different devices and all fails apart from internet explorer.


Could i have missed something? All the settings in Azure AVD appears ok and are healthy.

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Here’s a link to the online documentation that has a possible fix for this issue:  Out of memory error when connecting to Azure Virtual Desktop | Microsoft Docs.


Does this help?