Some Session Hosts became unavailable this morning

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We have 11 SH in Australia East location running for 1 year.

This morning 2 out of the 11 became unavailable and all 12 user sessions on each SH disconnected.

Users could no longer get in on those 2 machines, so we had to provision new ones to replace them.

Still trying to look into root cause but showed Agent unavailable on the host pool,

Anyone else had this issue today/last few days? I will keep looking into logs and advise of more detail.

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We are having completely random occurrences of this through this morning. Was perfectly fine last week and no changes our end. Agent is 1.0.5739.9800 which it has been for the past couple of weeks. have disabled scaling plan just incase that was a problem but has occurred since. Basically all is well and then BOOM, all sessions disconnect or drop off. Some of the hosts have been flawless so makes very little sense. Nothing unusual in events I can find. Nothing on MS status pages. Appreciate if anyone else can advise if they have had this or any more detail. is becoming a bit of a nightmare. thanks
So far we have found this behaviour only occurs when users connect using the AVD client on HP Laptops. Some how when any user logs in from there, it breaks the SH and kills all sessions. Sometimes it deallocated, sometimes not. Users have to log in again fresh. We have mostly surface pro's and it doesn't happen from there. All devices have same AVD client version This has previously not been an issue so trying to pin point if it's patch version or something else. have fed back to Microsoft so will keep you posted.
What model of HP is it? We have the same issue with x360 EliteBooks.
Probooks each between 2 and 4 years old. Fully patched, win 10, latest client. Same setup and network as other devices. Super confusing.

@PaulStirling Do they have a WAN module?