Session Hosts always fail to list user sessions

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I have deployed a host pool using the Spring 2020 update (ARM) and Windows 10 1909 multi-user custom image. For the users, everything is working great, but whenever I select a session host in the Azure portal, about 90% of the time, I get the following error.


Screenshot 2020-06-09 08.08.19.png


This error only displays when there are active user sessions. Refreshing (as the error suggests to try) results in the same error over and over.  Has anyone else seen this? Any clues on how to correct?

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I don't get the error but when I search for a user that is logged on it does not find the user.

Also, the last heartbeat is showing 05/04/2020 and when I run the 
Get-RdsSessionHost -TenantName $myTenantName -HostPoolName "WVD-HighPerformance"| Sort-Object Sessions in PS it shows 05/29/2020 though the WVVD is up and running.


See attached