Screen artifacts after upgrade to Version 10.8.2 (2057)

Screen artifacts after upgrade to Version 10.8.2 (2057)



 Feb 16 2023
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After upgrade my remote desktop screen is full of vertical lines. The attached screenshot shows an example that's not too bad but this happens in all applications, and on the desktop/taskbar. Lots of lines on the login screen.

The app is used daily in the same configuration and was fine until latest update. Client and host reboot did not help.


Is it possible to revert to a previous version?

This is Remote Desktop Beta 10.8.2 (2057) running on macOS Monterey 12.6.3.

Client is Win 10 Pro, Version 10.0.19045 Build 19045




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I am also experiencing this same issue...actually a client of mine originally reported the issue to me. As I investigated the issue, and experiencing the same issue as my client, I determined that this occurred with the update to 10.8.2. Downgrading to the previous version 10.8.1 corrected the issue for me. You can find it on this page?


I downloaded the 10.8.1 (2048), version immediately prior to 10.8.2 (2057), unzipped the package and placed the .app in the Applications folder (system not user). Connection returned to normal without the vertical bars.


Hoping Microsoft sees this and corrects the issue in the next update.



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I changed Graphics interpolation level from High to Automatic, and None, and turned Use hardware acceleration off. Restarted app between each change. No difference, lines persist.


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@lthibxThanks a lot, appreciate the link!

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Glad that I could help.

Ok Microsoft....fix this please.

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Confirmed that reverting to 10.8.1 fixed the issue.

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Me too.


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Same problem here with 10.8.2. Going back to 10.8.1 fixed it.





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Same bug here, on Montery 12.6.3, connecting to Win 11 22H2.


Downgrading to 10.8.1 works for me.

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Same on MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) / Win 10 22H2

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I had the same problem with grey-colored bars and going back to 10.8.1 corrected this issue.


For some of our servers, I received an error code 0x4 when connecting to Windows Server 2008 Enterprise servers.


Event logs on the Windows Server 2008 Enterprise servers indicated the RDP login was successful and was immediately followed by a logoff condition.  No errors were recorded on the Windows servers.


The grey-colored bars and error code 0x4 issues were corrected by moving back to 10.8.1.  


My client is macOS Big Sur ( 11.7 ).

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I have the same issue with 10.8.2. I am using Azure Virtual Desktop with Win11 and have MFA enabled to login.
The MFA authentication does not work with 10.8.1 but it does with 10.8.2 but 10.8.2 has this vertical line artefacts, so resolving that would be great.