Problems with macOS client of Microsoft Remote Desktop

Problems with macOS client of Microsoft Remote Desktop



 Jan 23 2024
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I use Microsoft Remote Desktop regularly on both Windows (Surface Laptop 5) and macOS (MacBook Pro M1 Pro), and the macOS client has some significant issues not present on the windows version. I was wondering if this is due to some misconfiguration on my end or the features just work better on windows. Here is a list of issues that I face in the macOS version of remote desktop but not on windows:


- Low quality audio and static noise on any sound coming from the remote desktop (including teams)

- High latency in inputs when multiple monitors are connected (connected to the same network as compared with Windows)

- Videos from any source (sharepoint, youtube, teams) do not play 

- Degraded webcam quality in teams compared to native macOS


Thanks! I'm using the 10.9.6 beta version of the macOS client. Would be glad to hop on a call or give more information if necessary.

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I also have issues with the client on macOS.   On the windows client you can specify the resolution and color depth that you want to connect and have a wide range of options.   This allows you to be able to use the client in low bandwidth situations.


The macOS client is unusable in low bandwidth situations since you have very limited options when it comes to setting the resolution and color depth.  The resolution defaults to "default for this display" and it cannot be changed, which is 4K in my case.  Lowest color depth is 16 bit which is too high.

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In the latest version, I'm also having a issue with the application window.


Every time I open the "Microsoft Remote Desktop" application in MacOS, the window size is decreased, doesn't keep the size that had when was closed.


Can you please confirm this issue from your side?





Bruno Jorge

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I'm having similar issues with my new machine (MacBook Pro M3 Max) when multiple monitors are connected.  Every 10-15 seconds, video and input for the RDP connection will freeze for a few seconds.  No issues with my previous i9 MBP, and I've ruled out connectivity or other possible issues.

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Hi, having similar issues when I have dual monitors connected. My mouse and keyboard that are connected through my docking station (same station that the monitors are plugged into) does not work when I have the Remote Desktop app opened across both screens. When I change the App to only be displayed on one screen the keyboard and mouse work.