iPad Magick Keyboard support for VirtualBox Windows Guest

iPad Magick Keyboard support for VirtualBox Windows Guest



 Jan 23 2022
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Hi there, 


I work in following scenario:


1. iPad Pro (12,9“, iOS 15.2.1) with Magic Keyboard (Swiss Layout)

2. On the iPad, I use the app Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.3.6 (5090)

3. In the app, I RDP to a Windows 11 desktop machine

4. In the RDP, I use VirtualBox to a Windows 10 VM.



The Magic Keyboard is NOT recognized correctly in the VM from (4.). For example, the physical keys 1, 2, 3 and 4 will produce the signs „n“, „m“, „,“ and „.“, while other keys do not produce anything. Physical keys like D and F react as if they were arrow keys. Most keys do not react at all.


Note, that the keyboard works perfectly fine on the iPad itself AND on the RDP Machine from (3.). But solely NOT in the Virtual Box (4.).


I don‘t suspect an issue with the language setting, since this problem affects ALL characters (a-z and 1-9) and not the special characters only.


Hopefully, this can be solved soon, since it would be very convenient to work with that keyboard and RDP/VB setting.

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Microsoft RDC does not support unicode for keystrokes translation. it uses key mapping.

Apple keyboards will always be a pain as long as RDC use key mapping. And Apple has this annoying habit of changing their keyboard layout too often.

so the best solution is to use anydesk (free version will work fine) and install and configure anydesk directly in your windows 10 VM. Then install anydesk IOS and connect to your VM.

you can also install anydesk in your windows 11 machine. you can have both.

There is really no advantage to use anydesk (or even microsoft RDC) on your windows 11 machine to then connect to your windows 10 VM.

I use anydesk on each remote machine or VM. It's faster and easier and I can open multiple sessions in this way.

you can also use teamviewer, but anydesk free version is faster and will never bother with ads.

PS, once anydesk is installed, open a remote session and activate "unicode" from the keyboard layout menu