Hire decent UX designers

Hire decent UX designers



 Oct 31 2021
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How can you make it so difficult to use Microsoft Remote Desktop, how can it be no-one came up with the idea of simply creating a link and being able to send that to the one that you want to help you through remote desktop. I tried to help my mother with something on the pc, but you made this process so incredibly tedious / difficult that I couldn't manage to get it explained to her how to invite me to control her desktop. Great job guys

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Hi @Kevinvandenhoek - you might want to look at Microsoft's Quick Assist tool- there's some details here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/solve-pc-problems-over-a-remote-connection-b077e31a-16f4... 


Microsoft Remote Desktop isn't really designed for assisting someone with Windows. It's for connecting to a remote desktop or server and starting your own session, not for sharing a session with the user at the other end.

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Sorry, I was kinda pissed when I wrote this, but this other solution with the Quick Assist tool looks like a reasonable one, will give it a try, thanks!