FSLogix Profile Maintenance via the portal

FSLogix Profile Maintenance via the portal



 Jun 09 2021
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Built in profile maintenance (shrink etc) in the Azure portal, should simply need to target the relevant share and attach a schedule

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Agree, and built in alerts for when users are nearing their quotas. When it fills up, pain to identify from end user or 1st line standpoint




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@kubaib2340 thanks for this, great idea to help pre-empt user issues.


I will review this with my team, I'm thinking of adding code to log an Event Log entry that can be picked up by our monitoring tools, that way the teams can

1. Receive user tickets directly with needed info

2. Support teams can prioritise things like consolidation of VHDX's for users pending issues



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@Steve Downs Ideally this should be included in the solution - FSLogix/Invoke-FslShrinkDisk: This script will shrink a FSLogix Disk to its minimum possible size (g...
Either allowing to be run on a schedule against a particular share or run automatically against a profile after the disk is unmounted.

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It should be a part of the  FSLogix service to run a shrink as part of logoff if you ask me.


The newest GA version of FSLogix is live now.  It includes compacting the VHD on logoff.  For all the thoughts on how to implement compacting, I think this is actually the best way to go.