Certificates are cached too aggressively in RD Web Client

Certificates are cached too aggressively in RD Web Client



 Aug 21 2022

We use the RD Web Client (Latest version 1.0.27) Normally it works really well, but then once a year we have to update our SSL Certificates.


The problem is the Web Client likes to cache the old certificate and not get the latest certificate. This results in people getting the following error:


Hitting F5, Ctrl F5 does not resolve this. The following are the instructions we have to give the AVERAGE USER to get them passed it:


* Press F12 to open DEVTOOLS

* Press F1 to open DEVTOOLS SETTINGS

* Under Networking tick Disable Cache (while DevTools is open)

* On the tab, refresh the page with F5.

* Close the DevTools tab


Luckily these instructions more or less work for every major browser. But I think you can see that no end user should have to do anything as crazy as this.


This also makes the move towards certificates with a shorter life impossible.


Can this please be looked into with urgency?


(Note: I know this is the Azure Virtual Desktop Feedback, but It's what the feedback button in the web client links to. If there's a better place to provide this feedback please let me know)